FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Gaming client allowing you to create and manage a FIFA team that competes for points

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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    7.0 (331)

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a soccer team management game that was published by EA SPORTS.

Play with Real Players

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team gives you an opportunity to handpick your players and create your dream team. You get to manage the team every step of the way and lead it to ultimate victory.

EA SPORTS has an exclusive deal with FIFA. So real players are represented in the games with real championship titles on the line. You can choose from 30 different championships, 500 teams, and over 10,000 players. So you have total control over your team’s roster. The reality adds a layer of authenticity to the feel of the game.

Features and Gameplay

The game menu gives you options to use the market to trade players. You can use in-game coins during the trade. You earn new coins for every tournament win. Use this currency to buy players and club items to improve your team's ability to win future games.

When you are building your squad, you have to pay attention to the chemistry between the players. It’s not enough to hire the players with the best stats. They should be compatible with each other. The game AI will determine the chemistry of the team. You can check out the chemistry bar on the squad page. Trying to build the best FIFA team is both the challenging and the fun part of the game.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offers multiple game modes like Pro Clubs, Match Day, Tournament Mode, Co-Op Seasons, Practice Arena, Online Seasons and more.

Graphics, Sound, and Online

The graphics and sound quality on the desktop version are high. For the Windows 10 tablets, the graphics quality is not at the same level. However, the tablet version is free.

For online gameplay, a challenging part is the availability of the servers. In the past, the servers had a lot of problems. So depending on the time of the day and network traffic, you might not have a smooth online gameplay experience.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a fun game to play. The graphics need some improvement for the tablet version and online servers need to be more reliable. But the game makes sense for people who enjoy a nice soccer simulation game.


  • Interesting and challenging gameplay
  • The Transfer Market is well-designed
  • Lots of game modes to choose from
  • Gameplay and graphics perform well on Windows machine


  • Graphics on the Windows tablet version needs improvement
  • No keyboard and mouse support
  • Online servers often have problems

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